Image Ronald Reagan on the campaign trail- 1979

At a time when we should be cooperating and working closely with the world community to beat the COVID-19 pandemic, there are talks among senior administration officials here to “punish” China for spreading the virus, some claiming that it was their Wu-Han laboratory that “leaked” the virus. Some even going as far as accusing China of deliberately releasing the virus to cause a global pandemic. There is a well-funded “exclusive exposé” being circulated alleging to have proof that it came from the laboratory and not from wet markets – probably funded by anti- Communist China organizations.

It is noteworthy that a world-renown “virus hunter,” Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, concluded that the virus DID NOT come from the Wu-Han laboratory. He knows the head of that lab quite well – a well-respected woman researcher, who has done so much and cooperating with researchers to find a cure. Additionally, it was reported that the entire U.S. intelligence community concluded that they cannot prove the virus was spread by Wu-Han’s laboratory or that it was man-made.

When our intelligence services issue a conclusion, we should believe them, not others looking for someone to fight…

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