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With the groundswell response globally to BLM based on the now-infamous event that shocked the world, I am hopeful that there is a paradigm shift happening now as a result. It is long overdue, with so many black lives lost in the hands of law enforcement so unnecessarily.

Racial discrimination comes in many forms, and a cultural “reset” is required for our country to move forward so that with each generation, we gradually transform mindsets that cause discrimination and finally realize what our forefathers envisioned…that ALL men/women are created equal.

As a member of the majority race in Hong Kong (Chinese), I have experienced racial discrimination doled out by many minority British “rulers” who look upon the Chinese as inferior and colonial “subjects” of the British empire. I suspect this attitude is what drives most white supremacists in the U.S.— that they are superior. Their ancestors had ruled over black slaves who were kidnapped from their homes and brought over here as property.

Since living in the U.S. for almost fifty years as a minority, my experience has been that for me to integrate successfully into mainstream culture, I had to work harder than my white fellow citizens and I’ve had to fight against the stereotypes assigned to me as Chinese.  I am fortunate enough to have successfully integrated into mainstream culture here only because I was willing to work harder to prove myself.  It is no wonder why so many immigrants who came to this great country for the opportunities it promises to stay within the same ethnic group and not integrate as I have.  I was taught that the United States is a “melting pot.” My experience is that the United States is more a “beef stew,” with large chunks of beef (white America), and distinct pieces of potato, carrots, and other ingredients – then there’s the broth that is a true mix of everything.  We need to break down all the chunks and blend everything into one homogenous “melting pot” that America is supposed to be.

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